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Residence permit

After they are accredited, foreign press correspondents are entitled to obtain a residence permit in Greece. The General Secretariat for Information will issue a related certification which the correspondent will address to the competent Interior Ministry department. You will need to apply for a “special purpose residence permit” for foreign press correspondents. You will basically need to hand in two copies of the application, three recent passport photos in print and in jpeg format, a health certificate from a Greek hospital, a certified copy of your passport and your accreditation from the General Secretariat of Information, certification that you have health security coverage or that you have applied for one. Once obtained, the correspondent can submit the residence permit to the town hall or community his/her residence is falling under.

Attica Police Department for Foreigners and Immigration (residence permits)
Salaminas 2 and Petrou Ralli, 118 55 Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3403333
Fax: (+30) 210 3403356

Residence permits are also issued by the Municipalities.

Tax/tax exemptions

Foreign press correspondents are obliged to state their employment capacity in their annual income tax declaration and obtain a tax registration number (AFM).

Cars and goods brought into the country by active press correspondents are exempt from import tax. The finance ministry issues the permits in question, which are renewable annually, each time after the accreditation is renewed.

The departments in question are:

DIPEA at the Piraeus port for cars:

(Akti Kondyli 32, 18545 Piraeus, Tel. +30 210 4626 325 or +30 210 4627 325, Fax: +30 210 4625 182) or the Attica Customs Directorate (DTA) for household items:

(Ag. Nikolaou Sq., 18510 Piraeus, tel. +30210 4511 201).